Video is what we do. Communicate your brand to your people. From conception to finished product, we will make sure you reap the rewards.
2020 Show Reel



Once your project is all shot and ready for editing, we work closely with you to ensure your vision is becoming a reality. Post-production includes editing, effects, motion graphics, final color grading and much more. Making sure the project keeps moving forward and done in your timeline needed is crucial. All of this leading to you having the video you dreamt of since pre-production began.

Our creative team of professionals work together to ensure your project is seamless. Throughout production we work tirelessly to guarantee your visual is on target, going according to planned and that your vision is being met. Between videographers, audio, motion graphic designers, project managers, writers, drone cinematographers and producers, we all make sure your experience is smooth and one of a kind.

Jordan Barry Media will help you from the very conception of an idea. Pulling from all our experience and knowledge, planning begins with understanding your message and brand. Once we understand your vision we begin story boarding and planning shoots. Pre-production is our step to understanding your needs and planning so your project is streamlined, seamless and timely. 


Drones. Drones. Drones.
Sometimes staying on the ground doesn't quite cut it. We offer 4K aerial video to help your video reach new heights. Bringing in the latest aerial technology, we can shoot, edit and color your aerial shots or video to perfection.
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