Meet Jordan

I'm a videographer and editor based out of Tyler, Texas. I started in video at a very young age and what used to be a side hobby has become my life's passion and work. I have worked in media in several different capacities including producing a global television show, commercials for businesses, logo design, graphic animation, professional photography and much more. Along the road I have been DP for several projects with experience in cinematography, pre and post production and branding.


While I am continuously working on my own projects in film, I continue to spread my knowledge of video and production through Jordan Barry Media. Here I share my passion of video and photography with my clients to assist them in telling their story and spreading their brand.


The most amazing part of video and film to me, is the ability to communicate to readers, clients, customers and consumers everywhere what your product or service is and help them to fall in love with your brand. What our ancestors didn't have when working their businesses was this vast world of the internet where literally every consumer, around the clock, around the world, has access to YOUR product!


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Tyler , Texas